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==First Marriage==
==First Marriage==
[[File:Ish_describe_about_Caterina_.gif|thumb|Ishmael describing Caterina himself.]]
[[File:Ish_describe_about_Caterina_.gif|thumb|right|Ishmael describing Caterina himself.]]
After the end of the war, Ishamel finally returned to England. He saw Caternia and she hugged him hard. Ishamel said, "I miss you Caternia. I love you so much." Caternia smilied and warmly replied "I love you too Ishamel".. Then when they walked down in the street, Ishamel kneeled down in front of her and said, "Caternia Sforza, will you marry me?" Caternia started jumping on Ishamel and said yes to him.The couple went to a tavern to discuss their marriage, Caterina suggest she would wear a wedding dress from Italy. Ishmael agree with the idea but he wanted the wedding to be at London with his officers and family, Caterina agree with his plan.[[File:Ish_and_Cat_Wedding.jpeg|thumb|Ishmael and Caterina's Wedding]]
After the end of the war, Ishamel finally returned to England. He saw Caternia and she hugged him hard. Ishamel said, "I miss you Caternia. I love you so much." Caternia smilied and warmly replied "I love you too Ishamel".. Then when they walked down in the street, Ishamel kneeled down in front of her and said, "Caternia, will you marry me?" Caternia started jumping on Ishamel and said yes to him.The couple went to a tavern to discuss their marriage, Caterina suggest she would wear a wedding dress from Italy. Ishmael agree with the idea but he wanted the wedding to be at London with his officers and family, Caterina agree with his plan.[[File:X1080-1Q2.jpg|thumb|left|Ishmael and Caterina's Wedding]]
==Paradoxian War==
==Paradoxian War==

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Kingdom of Danes
Raven and Bear2

Ishmael Decksteel


St. Petersburg, Russia (1724)

Current Age:



Mikhail Volkov (Father)
Samantha Volkov (Mother)




Caterina Decksteel (First Wife/Deceased)
Dany Decksteel (Second Wife)


With Dany :
Alexander (son)
Elise Decksteel (daughter)
Ashbjorn (son)
Brynjar Decksteel (son)
Mikhail Decksteel (son)
Vladimir Decksteel (son)


  • Sardinia (formerly)
  • House Decksteel


Norse Religion


(1746~1749) (Sardinia)


  • Emperor of Sardinia (Formerly)

"Power, it’s dangerous. This, I have always known. Look at what power has given me since I invaded Roma. I found myself thinking, What use this power?" he cryptically says. You see the problem with power is the more you have, the more others want it. And in this world, power can only be truly be built… with blood.Only fools believe they can live forever by avoiding the fight. I embrace the idea of death,” he says as the gliding creatures swarm him. Will I get in Valhalla? Or Hell? I don’t know." ― Ishmael Decksteel
Ishmael Decksteel is a Russian/British warrior who becomes a famous soldier in the British, later to build a legend upon himself during the Battle of Kingshead. For the second war, he served as a Lt. General under the direction of Nate Crestbreaker and became the Earl. Later, he and his family became Royal Family of Sardinia and Savoy and began an new kingdom together. In order to hold off the Switzerland and Austria forces he’ll make himself ruler of Italy through any means necessary. To accomplish his goals, he started the Siege of Rome, the Siege of Bern (1749), the capital city in the New World. Following the wars, Decksteel became a living legend and was remembered as one of the greatest warrior in England's history.

He is known as "The Pagan King ", "Killer Angel", "Black Eagle" , "The Slayer of Cudjoe" "Ish the Barbarian" and "Savior of Kiev"

Early Life

He was born on August 29, 1724 in St. Petersburg to the Tsar of a Russia Mikhail Volkov and to Duchness Samantha Goldshot-Volkov of Norway. At the age of six, he would be the prince of Russia and would spend many times with his sister Luckey or his brother Ivan in the palace while their father spend his time in his study halls with his wife Samantha. Sometimes his friend Peter from England would come and spend time with him. Sometimes they would do some things around when his father was in his study hall. Sometimes around the winter Ishmael and his youngest brother Ivan would play inside of the walls of St. Petersburg and they would play snowballs.
Fullsizeoutput 12a

Ish (left) and Ivan (right) play with snowballs in their childhood

Street fight

At age 16, before he went home, he and his friend Peter encountered a group of rioters which were high school boys that had threatened them before. The bullies expressed their distaste towards them by throwing rocks at them. As they continuously threw rocks at them, one of the boys tossed a rock at Ishmael and his lips became scarred from the attack. Ishmael retaliated by grabbing a flat wooden plank and begin to hit some of them with it as Peter began to do the same. Then later the boys ran back as Ishmael checked his lip and revealed his scar, a scar that will exist forever.

In Exile

After the revolts led a revolution in Russia, Ishmael's father sent his children including his son Ishmael into hiding until they return to Russia. Now exiled, knowing little else to do, his father has ordered a good friend of his John Connington to take Ishmael and Ivan to hiding and keep them safe at all cost. After few years of wandering with Connington in the deep forests of Russia, Ishmael told Conningtion that he will be making their longship for their travels to anywhere.
Fullsizeoutput 12b

Ishmael, Ivan and Connington

John presents the result: a new kind of ship which allows for travel on the open sea and up rivers. remains nervous about whatever his new design will work. However, as he, Ish and Ivan takes it for a journey, Connington is overjoyed to find it working perfectly.

The Great War of Law's Brigade and EITC

At the rank of sergeant, Ishmael once again was sent to Isla Perdida with Chris Warhawk to support an EITC Commander name John Scurybones and his EITC's Militia to fight off a tyrant rebellion under a man named Lord Lawrence Daggerpaine. As they both arrived with their troops he saluted to the commander. However, they were ambushed by the law's brigade, and Ishmael was forced to fire his musket at some rebels until he finally ran out of ammo. He began to drop his musket and drew his dual wield pistols and shot some more rebels with it. He fired his other dual wield from his back and shot the last of the rebels until he grabbed his tomahawk and begin to attack some rebels viciously with it. Meanwhile, Lawrence was fighting off the EITC Commander as Chris was attempting to fight some rebels off. However, as Lawrence's second in command tried to attack John from the rear, Ishmael used his tomahawk and flung it toward the second commander, in the process saving John's life. After the brigade began to retreat, Ishmael asked the EITC Commander if he and Chris Warhawk would be permitted to join the EITC as part of his Regiment. He then established both of them as Sergeants until the war was over.

Imprisonment in Vorkuta and Uprising

"Today, my comrades... Vorkuta... BURNS!!!" — Decksteel during the uprising.

Ish capture at Vorkuta

Ishmael and others captured in Vorkuta

The Decksteel Brothers alongside with Conningon was presumably captured and sent to a prison camp in Vorkuta, and had been there for the past 2 or 3 years. Ishmael masterminds a massive uprising in Vorkuta's prison camp. He and Ivan engaged in a mock fist fight to draw the guards' attention. Once Connington elimated the guard and seized the keys, Ishmael led the prisoners to the surface. The Russian prisoners expressed doubt over Ukrian's trustworthiness, but Ishmael convinced them by explaining how they were both "soldiers without an army" and betrayed by their leaders. Ishmael continued to lead the insurrection, securing a secret weapon for all of the prisoners to blow their way out.
Ish in chains
He pulled out of the muskets barrage and the two escaped on horses. Managed to escape by leaping onto a carriage which was Connington friend who assist in the escape and one of the Ukrian's Soldier stayed behind. He had sacrificed himself to free the Decksteels, stating that they deserved the freedom knowing they would carry on.

First Marriage

Ish describe about Caterina

Ishmael describing Caterina himself.

After the end of the war, Ishamel finally returned to England. He saw Caternia and she hugged him hard. Ishamel said, "I miss you Caternia. I love you so much." Caternia smilied and warmly replied "I love you too Ishamel".. Then when they walked down in the street, Ishamel kneeled down in front of her and said, "Caternia, will you marry me?" Caternia started jumping on Ishamel and said yes to him.The couple went to a tavern to discuss their marriage, Caterina suggest she would wear a wedding dress from Italy. Ishmael agree with the idea but he wanted the wedding to be at London with his officers and family, Caterina agree with his plan.

Ishmael and Caterina's Wedding

Paradoxian War

"Year was 1744, and the Spanish declare war on us I do not know why.." -Extract from Decksteel's Diary

Battle of Fort Charles

At the age of 24, Ishmael was sent to Fort Charles under the orders of a man named Jonathan Coaleaston to defend the fort from the impending Spanish attack. He was serving under a lieutenant named Sven Daggersteel along with the rest of the EITC Squad. As the first wave attacked them, Ishmael began to fire his musket and proceeded to hold the line with the other men. As he tried to defend the lieutenant from the dagos attack, he picked up his tomahawk and began to attack some officers with his knife. However, he was shot by a dago marksmen and he attempted to pull himself up while trying to survive his wounds. Despite his injuries, Ishamel continued attacking the other Spaniard's Regiment. After the battle, Ishmael was awarded a medal for his brave actions at Fort Charles. He continued to lead the EITC with Johnny Coaleaston and Sven Daggersteel. He and the other marines were eventually known as "The Old Breed". Then he finally joined a new Division named  EITC First Division. He continued to serve for the EITC First Division from the Battle of Fort Charles to Kingshead.

Battle of Kingshead

After months of fighting in the Caribbean, Ishmael and the rest of the EITC First Division were sent to Kingshead, the home of the EITC and the British under Sven Daggersteel's command. As the Artillery was being placed at the top, the EITC Squad and some Regiments were stationed at the front to defend the courtyard until a group of spaniards charged toward them wildly with their bayonets in their hands, screaming at the British. For one hour the EITC Squad retreated back to the top. Ishmael realized he couldn't just stand there and watch his fellow marines die from the battle. He grabbed his Musket, some flintlock, and his trusty tomahawk. Before he walked onto the battlefield, he first put some Indian paints style on his face and he then began to charge toward the 2,000 Spanish soldiers. He shouted out to them this message: "For the king and the country! I shall be known as Killer Angel!" He readied his musket and hit some dagos with it until one dago attempted to stop him.

Ishmael during the Battle of Kingshead

In response, he turned around, hit him hard with the musket, and then fired a shot at the officer. He pulled his flintlock pistol and continued to fire at Spanish troops until he ran out of ammo. He pulled out his tomahawk and knife, and began to attack them with his blades. As he continued to slaughter some more Spanish regiments with the tomahawk and knife, he quickly snapped one of the officers with it and threw his tomahawk at the last remaining soldier. The EITC Regiment watched him miraculously slaughter nearly 2,000 Spanish troops. Sven soon gave him a promotion and awarded him a Medal of Honor for his actions at the battle of Kingshead.

Negotiating with Pirates

"We desire a parlay with the men who call themselves governors of this island! Benjamin Gates!, Ryan Warhawk! Come forth, if you please." ―Ishmael Decksteel, upon arriving in Nassau, 1746.

In 1746, Ishmael returned to the Caribbean, having been appointed the governor of the Bahamas, to enforce British rule in Nassau. He offered pardon to the pirate leaders Benjamin and Ryan Warhawk, as well as ordering a blockade of Nassau by the Royal Navy. However, James Kenway escaped Nassau after killing Venables's military associate, John Chamberlaine, who had intended to disregard Venables' orders and sink every British vessel at Nassau. In 1747, Warhawk - the only one of the pirates leaders to accept the pardon - went to Kingston in search of Roberts, who had escaped custody during Rogers' absence. A member of the Royal African Navy told them that Roberts' ship, the Princess, was due to arrive soon. The two then met up with the pirate king and informed him of these developments. Hornigold had already sent Josiah Burgess and John Cockram to Príncipe in search of Roberts. He then spotted the Jackdaw and realized that James was following them. The Templars then left the area as their guards pursued James.

Invasion of Ireland

More is coming

Ishamel's Coronation

Powers of the King


"It is a big and beautiful world. Most of us live and die in the same corner where we were born and never get to see any of it. I don't want to be most of us. ." ― Ishamel to his Brother Ivan, 1746.

By 1746, Ishamel formally became the King of Sardinia, as he had a gift for both recruitment and organization. Under his leadership, the Sardinians built a homestead which they used a base of operations and spanned across the lands and most of the Frontier. Additionally, Ishamel maintained contact with numerous other guilds across the globe, while also strengthening relations with the other nations.
Tumblr n5a1a7OCES1qd8brao2 500

Ishmael perched on a cliff looking over his new kingdom.

Second Marriage and Children

After Ishmael's first wife death. He was in fact still mourning her death and he been with couple lovers of his. He travel to France in Paris when he meets a young beautiful woman that anyone ever met he claim her to become his wife which she accept the offer. Her name was Daenarys , Ishmael love her also introduces her to his other family as well. After couple months she was with twins and gave birth on Feburary 2, 1748 to a boy and a girl name Alexander and Elise. Later on June 25, 1749, Daenarys gave birth early to a healthy boy name Ashbjorn.
Tumblr n0pimgawrm1shr4dko2 250

Daenarys ~ Ishmael's second wife.

Swiss Civil War

Battle of Koniz

File:Ish arrive in Bern.jpeg
Before the battle begin, King Ishamel was invited to attend a meeting with the leaders to defeat their old enemies led by Cobens. Ish brought his army to be sure if anyone attack. 16th of June, 1746. The Coalitional Army arrives outside Koniz and begins bombarding the city with mortars for nearly twelve hours, causing the creation of two breaches in the large outer walls and creating a weakened gatehouse. Ishmael order his troops to be at the front line holding the line until the English and Swiss position themselves.

17th of June, 1746. The leaders of the Coalition meet beforehand and General Venables prays for their endeavors. The battle commences. With the artillery still keeping a constant fire upon the Sarunu forces, the British, Sardinia, Spanish and Swiss Infantry charge up the steep slopes of Koniz and into the breeches. The Highlander's of the 74th Regiment lead by General Venables reach the breach and are forced to climb a large cliff of rubble, but the Highlander's fury and determination overcome and they climb the rubble and throw themselves upon the Swiss soldiers within, screaming Gaelic warcries. The Third Brigade and General Ironskull have it easier, the rubble from the second breach has built almost a ramp and they quickly overpower the Swiss forces within. Ishmael fought some few enemies with his guards along Prime Minister Plankwrecker. Meanwhile, General Herman and King Giorgio lead their combined forces against the gates, making slow progress due to heavy fire coming from the Sarunu forces defending the gates, however, they make it inside and begin to quickly defeat the inexperienced Swiss, whilst receiving a weak defense by the Sarunu.

March onto Kiev

"We all know what King Alexandre would do. King Alexandre would gallop up to the gates of Kiev alone, break them with his Warhammer, and ride through the rubble to slay Sebastian with his left hand and the rebels leaders with his right. I am not Alexandre. But we will march, and we will free Kiev … or die in the attempt." - Ishmael to his troops.

File:Sardinia army March to Kiev.jpeg

The Loyal King of Switerzland decided to send King Ishmael Decksteel of Sardinia and his troops toward Kiev. After fighting in Koniz, Ishmael prepared to move his forces out and March onto Kiev. He brought along the Prime Minister of Sardinia along with Ryan Warhawk and Marcus Ironskull to support the Artillery. Ishmael knew what he wanted to do to bring those traitors to justice!

Siege of Kiev

Before the battle begins, Ishmael was standing on the grounds along with his commanders awaiting for the flare from the English fleet. Ishmael pulls his sword out and said: "For Genevieve". He led his men toward the front gate while the Spaniards led from the wast and the Loyalist from the west and the Sardinia troops from north and south. The Rebels were quite shocked about the strength, the commander of the rebels was ordered to hold the line at cost. But their line was broken by Ishmael and the leaders. King Alexandre II brought in the engineers to fire the special weapons onto the enemies until they were fall back to the castle under Sebastian Spark. Sotnik Ivan surrenders to the Loyalist and he was sent to prison that day. Together with King Alexandre II, Ishmael I, and Clemente march in the castle with the others. Henry Grey and the others were not far behind him and Ryan as well. Henry Grey was rewarded for his bravery by King Ishmael I and awarded him a Knighthood. Alexandre II begin to duel his enemy Sebastian Spark, he injures him and Spark injure him as well. Until after the duel Sebastian kneel in front of Alexandre and the other kings. Until Cobens kill Spark and escape through the window.

A New Golden Age

“One generation passes away and another generation comes.” ~ Ishmael Decksteel

The Declaration of an Emperor of Sardinia

“I’ve watched her follow madmen. I’ve watched her follow rich men. I’ve watched her bow before tyrants. But now, it’s time she had an emperor.” ~ Ishmael to the lords & ladies

Siege of Rome

Benedict XIV : "You would spill blood in this Holy place?"
Ishmael Decksteel: "The Gods won't mind. They spill more blood than the rest of us combined."
— Ishmael Decksteel threatens Benedict XIV .

A couple of months after Ishmael and Daenarys's marriage which bring them two happy and joy. Ishmael decided to expand his territories more by announcing his declaration of Emperor of Sardinia which a couple of lords and ladies agreed to. He announces first thing as Emperor of Sardinia is to Invade Rome and destroy the Papacy States. On June 21, 1749 after his Pagan's mercenaries led by Giantsbane took over the ships and allow Ish and his family plus his army toward the stream of Rome. In the council's session, few lords include Prince James, Lord Ivan Decksteel and Chieftain Giantsbane had some few ideas to take the city which they agreed is to assault the walls and Giantsbane would take the bridge for himself and his warriors. On Day 1, Ishmael along with Ivan and James on their boats and siege towers he started fighting some few Papal States men along James but suddenly he was distracted by some few guards and the city itself. He was thrown over the wall and he landed onto a pile of corpse. He was being found by his brother in law James who order the withdraw of the battle. After their first defeat of the siege attempt, he and the others return to camp which they found it was laid in ruin due to the Papal Army. Ishmael was in shock and he had to go find his wife and children, he found his two kids along with the maid on a boat and he asks where their mother was which they didn't know where. He was in anger so he begins to look for her in the forests while being wounded and for a couple of hours he found her laying down and she was exhausted. He brought her back to the camp and he was still injured.

On the second day of the Siege, he was ordered by his advisors and wife to stay beside and he given the plan to his most trusted brother Ivan. While spending time in the camp alongside with his wife and children. Ishmael was not feeling well and he started to have some hallucations of his first wife which he was in pain with the wound he has gotten from the city itself.

On the third day of the Siege, after many fail attempted in breaching the city.

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Battle of Alessandria

"We convinced an entire generation, that this is a battle that we could win. We sacrifice for each other no matter what the cost. And that's worth fighting for." ― Ishmael to the Commanders

Vikings S2 ComicConTrailer Composer SocialMedia NoBug REV HD still 624x352

Ishmael during the battle of Alessandria

Ishmael arrives with a force superior and attempts to defend the battlefield in the massive Battle of Alessandria (1749). When the Austria Army begin marching, Ishmael order a surprise attack, using artillery filled with rockets while the rockets distracted and orders the army to prepare for defending the battle. When his Brother in Law tells him that hundreds will die, he coldly replies, "Thousands will die to protect our lands and we will honor the dead"

Ishmael is at the vanguard for the whole battle, being the first to lead the defensive, the first to order the regiment to charge into battle while the other on the hills defend to the death until the Austria forces overthrew them and slaughter few of them. A surprise attack led by Johnny Goldtimbers through the fields destroys half of the forces, though Johnny is nearby trapped on the fields by the arrival of more of Ishmael's men. Ishmael seems to be on the verge of victory until the arrival of Austria's Infantry and cavalry turns the tide. His soldiers break and run for the mountains in the face of the cavalry charge. Ishmael screams for his routed men to "Stand and fight!" in desperation, but is dragged shouting from the lost battle by his guards and commanders include his brother in law James for his safety.

Ishmael returns to Rome and confronts the commanders about the battle. He begins to strangle one of the commanders in fury but relents when his wife enter the room and reminds him of the warning they have spoken about. Dany warns him that he will commit worse betrayals before their long war is over but insists that he must fight on and assures him that it will be worth it in the end, because he is still emperor.

Aftermath of Alessandria

Following his defeat at the Battle of the Alessandria Ishmael falls into a deep depression, shunning the company of his bannermen and allowing no one but his wife and kids also his closest Advisor Prime Minister Peter Plankwrekcer to see him.

Will be constructed

Second Siege of Turin

Ish learns of the capture of Turin and the rising of the Switzerland Empire which sends him into a fury. He decided to send his brother Ivan Decksteel to retake the city if the necessity to do so Ishmael order Ivan to gather every man and siege weapons to take the city back.

The Execution of Joseph Coalsmythe

"Hi. You're Joseph, right? I'm Ish, and I do not appreciate you killing my men. Also, when I sent my people to kill your people for killing my people... you killed more of my people. Not cool. Not cool. You have no idea how not cool that is, but I think you're going to be up to speed here shortly. Yeah... you are so going to regret crossing me in a few minutes. Yes, you are. You see, Joseph... whatever you do, no matter what, you do not mess with the Sardinian, and the new world order is this, and it's really, very simple; even if you're stupid, which you very well may be, you can understand it. Are you ready? Here it goes, pay attention. Give me my lands, or I will kill you." ― Ishmael to Jospeh

After the victory at Second Siege of Turin (1749), Joseph was captured by Ivan and was brought to court where Ishmael awaited to see the Prime Minister Joseph Coalsmythe. Ishmael gets up and confronts Joseph, introducing himself as the Sardinia' true leader. Pacing back and forth, he lectures them on their actions against his Empire and the "new world order", explaining that Swizterland will kneel for the actions they did at Siege of Turin (1749) and Second Siege of Turin (1749) and that he will personally deal with them if they refuse to do so. He goes on to inform Joseph that he is keeping his group alive as he intends to make them work for him - however, in retribution for Joseph and his Swiss army killing many Sardinian Troops, Ish warns that he will have to "beat the holy hell" out of one member of Switzerland.
Tumblr oaqk4uPCpR1v2pwqqo6 500

Ishmael himself killing Joseph Coalsmythe

He then brings the ax down hard on Joseph's head, causing them to bleed heavily. Ish is seen standing over them as they recover from the first blow, remarking, "Look at that! Taking it like a champ!" before bringing the ax down again.

Switzerland expedition

After months of planning, Ishmael decided that Sardinia's Military power was not yet strong enough to confront Austria. He decided on a military expedition to seize Bern and thereby demanded Switzerland to surrender themselves to the rightful Emperor.

Siege of Bern

"We shall strike at the heart of Switzerland" ― Ishmael to his Prime Minister
Ishmael decided that he would begin to strike Switzerland capital city Bern and he would demand the King of Switzerland to surrender properly to the rightful Emperor of Sardinia. The King of Switzerland refuses to give up and calls for his allies for his aid to fight Ishmael and his Italian Army.

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Not to be confused with his Titles:

  • Emperor of Sardinia & Russia (Formerly)


Easygoing, open-minded, wise, comforting, generous, advising, kind, and humorous, Ish treated his self-imposed exile during his failure in the War of Sardinian Succession as though it were an extended vacation. However, beneath his easygoing attitude lays a wise man experienced in the ways of the world, a seasoned and wily strategist, and an incredibly strong and powerful swordmaster.

Although he appeared hedonistic, Ish's life philosophies were about living life to the fullest and choosing your own destiny. He was a firm believer that everyone had the power to create their own destiny.He appeared laid-back because he understood that there were things in life he could not control, but he also believed that a person is fully responsible for the parts they can.

Despite his qualities all pointing him as a fearsome warrior and bloodthirsty conqueror, Ishmael is a devoted family man as well. He is a fine husband to his wife, Dany but an even better father to his children; whom he adores. Particularly his son whom he dotes on and grooms as his successor. Ishmael also cherishes his brother Ivan, though his love for his brother and care for his family Ishmael also cherishes the lives of his friends.

He is a persistent warrior, who knows he won't always win, but he is brave to enough to return to battle always without fear because he knows that perseverance will lead to victory someday no matter what it takes. He has set point and he is capable even surrounded by people who don't believe in his convictions because he knows they are just trying to hold him back


By Dany Decksteel:

  1. Alex - the first son born to Dany and Ish
  2. Elise - the first daughter born to Dany and Ish
  3. Ashbjorn - the second son born to Dany and Ish during the Siege of Rome (1749)
  4. Brynjar - the third son born to Dany and Ish
  5. Mikhail - the fourth son born to Dany and Ish
  6. Vladimir - the fifth son born to Dany and Ish


Ivan is

Gallery of Ishmael

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Quotes by Ishmael

""I cannot stop thinking about death. Death intrigues me. The death of children. The death of friends. But my own death continues to elude me. In my world, it is believed that the day of your death is fated. Would you like to know the day of your death?"" ― Ishmael Decksteel

""Power is dangerous. These are the words of the Gods. But that power, that danger, is everything. It lives in an army that will protect my people and my rule. My son, my legacy, has become the bravest of warriors. I listen silently to the ramblings of men. Those who dream of danger may awake to death. But life must be lived to the fullest before it is over. I embrace the idea of life and death. For I am not the one in charge of my fate."" ― Ishmael advise Power

""I used to believe that being a good soldier meant doing everything they told you. That's how they engineered us. But we're not slaves or pawns. We're not programmed. You have to learn to make your own decisions."" ― Ishmael advise a soldier

"Yes we had an alliance, as equals, but as you can plainly see we are no longer equals. Everything has changed, for both of us. You must get used to it." ― Ishmael Decksteel

"I am ashamed, that my word as King meant nothing to some of you. That you organized this catastrophe among yourselves. That you took it upon yourselves to violate a treaty, that I had signed in good faith. I know what the enemy will make of these terrible events. My name and my word as King of Sardinia will mean nothing to them. But it can not be, can not be. I can not allow and I can't tolerate treason." ― Ishmael to the Traitors

"This is the right time, and I will risk everything. Because if we don't, we've lost. We march to victory, or we march to defeat, but we go forward. Only forward." ― Ishmael to his Commanders

"Good morning. Good morning. In less than an hour, every people from here will join others from around the world, and you will be launching the largest battle in the history of mankind. Mankind, that word should have new meaning for all of us today. We can't be consumed by our petty differences anymore. We will be united in our common interest. Perhaps it's fate that today is the June 21st, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom. Not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution, but from annihilation. We're fighting for our right to live, to exist, and should we win the day, the Kingdom of Sardinia will no longer be known as an Kingdom, but as the day when the country declared in one voice, 'We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on, we're going to survive. Today we celebrate our Independence day!' ." Ishmael Decksteel to the Sardinians Citizens.

"We convinced an entire generation, that this is a battle that we could win. We sacrifice for each other no matter what the cost. And that's worth fighting for." ― Ishmael to his Lords

"My enemies have made my empire bleed. I will not forget that. I will not forgive that. I will punish them with any arms at my disposal." ― Ishmael to Peter

"Poland, Switzerland, Spain, they're all thieves. They'll bend the knee or I'll destroy them." ― Ishmael

"When the king brands us,he doesn't mean to make us adversaries. He doesn't mean to make us criminals. He means to make us monsters. For that's the only way his god-fearing, tax-paying subjects can make sense of men who keep what is theirs and fear no one. When I say there's a war coming, I don't mean with the whole European, I don't mean with King George or England. Civilization is coming. And it means to exterminate us.❞" ― Ishmael

"An empire toppled by its enemies can rise again, but one which crumbles from within? That's dead... forever." ― Ishmael

"They say they will pardon us all, but I say to offer to pardon something one fears is the act of a coward. To offer them in volume suggests that their fear of us is becoming unmanageable, that we have shown them what we are capable of and it terrifies them." ― Ishmael

"The other nations betrayed him because he spoke for the Heathen when no other people would. He would died for us. If we're not willing to do the same for him, then we're cowards, and if that's what we are, then we deserve to be the last of the Heathen." Giantsbane to the Heathen people.

"I don't care if he's a Pagan; He would've done everything for us if wasn't for him. He's my emperor!, from this day until his last day!" ― Duchness Luciana to the Lords of Sardinia

"They think you're some kind of god. The man that return from the dead." ― Giantsbane to Ishmael during the Siege of Rome (1749)

"I swear before God almighty, I declare war eternal on the Barbarian Ishmael Decksteel. I swear to our lord Jesus Christ and to the blessed virgin one day I will avenge myself on him, and bring him to justice and to death, so help me God." ― Unknown person speaking about Ishmael

"You can all say whatever you want, but he was a human. People started to talk as if he was a god. He was not a god, he was a man! A man with many dreams and many failings." ― Unknown person speaking about Ishmael

Gallery of Ishamel's Children


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